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Have you try Genecos Skin Care?

Are you using any Korean Skin Care Product? Today I would like to introduce you to Genecos. Genecos is the newly imported Skin Care Product from Korea and it’s now available to purchase at Genecos Philippines FB Page, Lazada, or even at Shopee. The products that I would like to share today are the HaeHoa Collection, so let’s check them out!

Haehoa Soft-Touch Purifying Cleansing Foam

Price: 450 Pesos

The facial cleanser is one of the Best Korean Facial Cleansing that you will ever try, it will remove the excess oil from your face and balance the moist-oil level effectively to provide a clean and pure skin. It will provide a moist skin environment providing well balanced moist-oil level which removes the dryness after wash-off.

Haehoa Moisture Balance Toner

Price: 600 Pesos

Toner is important for Skin Care Routines as it helps to restore the balance of the skin ph. It also enhances moisture and refreshes your skin. At the same time, it will remove oil and help in shrinking the pores. With Genecos Balance Toner it will whiten your skin and repair wrinkles in your skin to provide refined and beautiful skin. The end result is to have a well moist-oil balance to open up moistfull skin.

Haehoa Vitalizing Boost Lotion

Price: 600 Pesos

By using our Vitalizing Boost Lotion which gives you feather lightweight feel. This multifunction lotion will help to smooth wrinkles and lines. Your skin will be able to quickly absorb the lotion, which increases the skin moisture levels and provides nourishments into your skin.

HaeHoa Revitalizing Shining Mask

Price: 700 Pesos

The Revitalizing Shining Mask is one of the masks that uses a cellulose sheet which provides hypoallergenic experience to the skin. A lot of our customers with sensitive skin tried our facial mask and they have experienced a great refining skin after effect using it. Our Facial mask will aid the skin to efficiently absorb nourishments.

So what are you waiting for? Worrying about whether it is going to suit your skin type? All our products are suitable and guaranteed for all skin types. Hurry and go to our Shopee store and grab them now!!!


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