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We have launched a marinal extract skincare line, for clear and beautiful skin. The Genecos Haehoa products provide you with a range of a full skincare regime. Each product from our cleanser to moisturizing lotion is made with key ingredients that are inspired by natural extracts such as the blooming flower. Natural skincare is the hottest thing trending on social media these days. Genecos Haehoa products are essential to your skincare regime.

The brand GENECOS 'HAEHOA’ is the total care solution for beautiful and brighter skin. Hae, means is the ocean, and Hoa means flower, together brings forth the core purpose of the brand. The key ingredients are inspired by the marinal extracts, which are well-balanced with other ingredients to bring the most favorable products to progressively achieve beautiful and healthy skin such as a delicate and blooming flower.

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